About Us


axnwear™’s mission is to create high-quality athleticwear while minimizing our impact on the environment. We are committed to using sustainable fabrics in all of our designs and products. We hope to inspire individuals to make more green fashion choices by offering activewear made of recycled, eco-friendly, and sustainable materials. 

We work with like-minded partners who share our values and social impact of our business – this includes ethical production. We therefore work with USA manufacturers that are labor compliant so you can have full confidence on the integrity of your orders.

Ultimately, we believe small actions can make a big difference and by choosing axnwear™, our customers will be making a positive impact in the activewear space with us.


Our vision is to be your go-to brand for activewear - setting a new standard that prioritizes sustainability on its core. We envision a future when sustainable and recycled materials are the norm and plays a vital role on your fashion choices. At axnwear™, we are committed on leading this move one garment at a time - one action at a time.

Sustainability and Innovation

All of our designs are made of sustainable fabrics. Majority of their content is made of eco-friendly materials – and we are dedicated to make our way to 100%. We believe in small steps ultimately lead to big ones.

We align our practices with companies who are also committted in minimizing their environmental impact through their innovative solutions. We use these solutions to our designs to offer more value, quality, and performance for our customers.